The Analytics & Insights Summit

by Sawtooth Software
A collage of attendees at a previous Sawtooth Software conference.

The A&I Summit is an annual, practitioner-focused conference attended by some of the most accomplished quantitative research and analytics professionals. It's a practical event where you network and learn concepts you can immediately put to work in your career.

The summit recently changed its name from Sawtooth Software Conference to the Analytics & Insights Summit (by Sawtooth Software) or The A&I Summit in short. The key motivation for the name change was to signal to our attendees that it is a prestigious event bringing together the greatest minds in data science, analytics and quantitative research – and not a software users’ conference.

Topics and presentations at the summit will continue to focus on practical applications of cutting-edge research and analytical techniques. Each year, data scientists and researchers submit topics to present, and The A&I Summit committee carefully reviews each submission. Criteria to evaluate submissions include:

  • Practicality: how relevant and useful it is in solving common business issues
  • Methodology: how sound and valid the applied methodology is
  • Uniqueness: how distinct the technique is from currently practiced approaches.

Participants at the summit come from all walks of life with varying purposes: from corporate data scientists learning about exciting quantitative and practical research techniques to consultants and academics looking to stay at the leading-edge of data analytics. Regardless of industry (healthcare, technology, finance, consumer packaged goods, etc…), the annual summit is one of the most prestigious and exciting events for quantitative researchers across a wide variety of disciplines and market sectors.

The focus at the A&I Summit will continue to be on practical applications of topics such as pricing and product research, needs-based customer segmentation, data quality management, UX research, and many more. The event also includes break-out sessions for training and hands-on tutorials.

And last, but not least, the A&I Summit is a fantastic opportunity to network with some of the greatest minds in the field of quantitative research and data analytics. Mingle with quantitative researchers from organizations such as Microsoft, Bose, Universal Parks & Resorts, IPSOS, GfK, SKIM, and many, many more.

2024 Steering Committee Members

Keith Chrzan
Keith Chrzan
Sawtooth Software
Megan Peitz
Ewa Nowakoswka
Ewa Nowakowska
Joel Huber
Joel Huber
Duke University
Portrait of David Lyon.
David Lyon
Aurora Market Modeling
Marco Hoogerbrugge
Bryan Orme
Bryan Orme, Chair
Sawtooth Software