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Introduction to MBC (Menu-Based Choice)

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As you gain more experience in choice modeling, you come to realize that CBC (Choice-Based Conjoint) is a specific and limited case within a broader family of choice experiments. Sometimes clients push examples upon you that bring you to this realization. Sometimes you see examples at conferences and in white papers that open your eyes and spur your interest. There is, of course, the classic example resembling a fast-food restaurant where respondents can pick one of multiple items to add to their cart for purchase. There are other examples that don’t immediately strike you as being an MBC, but that exceed CBC’s capabilities and can be handled with Sawtooth Software’s MBC software. Examples include asking respondents if they will buy the product, rent the product, or do neither. Or, situational choice in which the choice of multiple fixed alternatives is a function of respondent characteristics, buying situation characteristics, or patient characteristics. Join Bryan Orme in this 45-minute clinic to learn about the possibilities with MBC!

Bryan Orme
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