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For corporate researchers, led by corporate researchers.  Come be inspired by real problems and solutions that can make a real difference to your firm and for your career.

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Day 1 – Friday, May 5


Determining the Optimal Slate of Theme Park Events at Universal Studios

Theme park events can take place almost any time of year, be separately ticketed or included for day guests, involve heavy repeat visitation or be a one-time experience, and may cannibalize day ticket sales. We designed a seasonal event schedule based on results from a modified volumetric conjoint, allowing for simulation of varying numbers of events per year and an estimate of regular day cannibalization. Learn what worked, what didn't, and what we know now.

Laura Dulude, Universal Parks & Resorts


Consumer Segmentation: an Activation Journey

Segmentations are hard to activate. We experienced it at WS Audiology when we engaged in consumer segmentation work, commissioned after two firms, with different brands and cultures, had merged. Our activation journey included forward and backward steps. Forward by envisioning the purposes of segmentation in the business model. Backward by utilizing creative activation approaches and making explicit leadership calls. At the heart is an active leadership position that we took as market research professionals.

Gerard Loosschilder, WS Audiology | Marco Vriens, Kwantum Analytics




Break or optional clinics


The Powerful Desktop Market Simulator

The desktop choice simulator is Sawtooth Software’s most powerful market simulator. You’ll be much more efficient with your simulator work if you let the software do the repetitious, heavy lifting. Sensitivity analysis and Search are related techniques that let you explore your product’s outcomes (e.g., share, revenue, profit) under dozens or millions of possibilities. Once you learn a few tricks and a bit about the syntax, you’re ready to go!

Walter Williams, Sawtooth Software


Implementing Key Drivers Analysis in LHS

Drivers analysis is a key part of any analyst’s toolbox, but many of the techniques in use today can still be demonstrably improved upon. In order to assist with this, Key Drivers Analysis (incorporating Johnson’s e) will soon be available within Lighthouse Studio. Join Walter Williams and Dean Tindall as they introduce you to this soon-to-be-released module and the reasons why we chose to implement this particular method.

Walter Williams & Dean Tindall, Sawtooth Software


Love it… Love it… Want it! Using Anchored MaxDiff to Identify New Product Ideas that Motivate Purchase

At Bose, we love to create exciting new audio experiences for our customers. But just because we think a new idea is cool doesn't always mean consumers agree, or that it will motivate them to choose our products over the competition. In this marketing study, we use direct binary anchored MaxDiff to learn which new product features most excite premium audio consumers and identify the experiences that might inspire them to choose Bose.

Tracey Di Lascio-Martinuk, Bose


Consumer Research for GNV, the Third-Largest Ferry Operator in the World

Matteo Della Valle from GNV and Emilio Zunino from Maiora Solutions present the quantitative consumer research conducted for GNV, the third-largest ferry operator in the world. The goal was to optimize the pricing strategy for the 2022 season, to increase prices and operating margin, without losing market share. CBC was key for the definition of the new price list, ahead of the sales opening.

Matteo Della Valle, GNV | Emilio Zunino, Maiora Solutions


Using Choice-Based Conjoint to help Decide the Viability of Building Some of the World's Biggest Stadiums and Entertainment Facilities

Best-in-class stadia and entertainment facilities requires best-in-class research and analysis to assure internal clients that their projections are achievable as well as give lenders piece of mind that their money is secure. Legends’ Business Planning team use years of industry leading experience to deliver these projects and will outline their in-house process that indicates how each area of a stadium can be filled, how to redistribute excess demand for desirable locations and how pricing is optimised.

Dean Crawley, Legends




Product Assortment Simulations based on Household Panel Data

Disaggregate HH panel data can be used in place of survey data from a CBC study by considering that each choice a consumer makes is done so within a set of competing options (other products on the shelf). CBC/HB was modified to generate part-worths and create a subsequent choice model which can be used to build scenarios for product assortment changes across retailers.

Greg Rogers & Chris Hannaford, Procter & Gamble


Beyond Willingness-To-Pay: Using Binary Choice Experiments to Measure Value

Value is essential in business and leads to better products. To understand value, we need to ask about value post purchase once consumers have experienced it. In this presentation we evaluate a willingness-to-accept (WTA ) approach, i.e., the amount of money that consumers would accept to give up using a specific product or service, on 11 US Fortune 500 brands and we discuss how it was used by LinkedIn.

Rogier Verhulst, LinkedIn | Marco Vriens, Kwantum Analytics | Felix Eggers, Copenhagen Business School | Jason Talwar, Pivot MR
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