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San Antonio 2021
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Looking to make a breakthrough in marketing sciences?

The 2021 Sawtooth Software Conference was held April 19-23, 2021, in San Antonio, TX on the famed River Walk. Don’t miss this valuable marketing sciences event!

– May 2-3: Choice Modeling Workshop
– May 3: Tutorial Sessions
– May 4-6: Conference Paper and Corporate Researcher Sessions

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Learn from experts around the world, in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

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Polish your skills, on various methods and topics by interacting one on one with Sawtooth Software experts.
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“This was definitely the most useful and friendliest conference I've ever been to!”
Tracey DiLascio-Martinuk
Customer Research Specialist, Bose


In presentation order

Ten Tips for the Effective Presenting of Complex Information

Ray Poynter, NewMR

Making Online Surveys Accessible to People with Disabilities

Nathan Wiggin, Comengage.US | MaryAnn Mendez, Freelance Research Accessibility Consultant | Rebecca Elmore Yalch & Ginger Blazier, Comengage.US

Critical User Journey Mad Libs: a layered approach to identifying which customer problems to solve

Jon Gass, Pinterest & Aideen Stronge, Google

Upgrade your Brand Tracker Using the Power of Conjoint Analysis

Alexandra Chirilov & James Pitcher, GfK

Respondent Quality: Identifying Bad Respondents from MaxDiff Response Patterns

Jane Tang, Mona Foss & Rosanna Mau, Bootstrap Analytics

Uncommon Choices: Novel Applications of Conjoint Analysis in Practice

Chris Chapman, Google

Comparing Predicted Automotive Purchase with Passive Geolocation Covariates to Actual Ownership Records

Marc Dotson, BYU & Paul Johnson, Harris Poll

Enhance Conjoint with a Behavioral Framework

Peter Kurz & Stefan Binner, bms Marketing Reeearch & Strategy

Choice Modeling Workshop

The Sawtooth Software Choice Modeling Workshop is an intensive three-day introductory workshop and training covering three current and popular choice research methodologies: CBC (Choice-Based Conjoint), MaxDiff (Maximum Difference Scaling), and ACBC (Adaptive CBC). Participants will create choice surveys and analyze sample data using a team-oriented case study approach.

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The conference has been recorded and you can now access every presentation on your own timeline, including access to supporting slides, data files, and any provided programming code.

Sessions and Workshops

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Choice Modeling Workshop
Turbo Choice Modeling Seminar
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