Virtual Lighthouse Studio Choice Modeling Workshop

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Come learn how to optimize your product features and price from the world’s most friendly company in the insights/strategy space! The Choice Modeling Workshop is a three-day introductory workshop covering basic CBC (Choice-Based Conjoint) principles. Participants will create choice surveys and analyze sample data using a team-oriented case study approach.

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What You'll Learn

  • Why conjoint analysis has flourished and been so widely used in business/insights applications and economic investigations

  • The different types of conjoint/choice analysis and learning when you should use each

  • How to build choice models that deliver meaningful data

  • How to design, field, and interpret choice-based conjoint (CBC) exercises

  • How to analyze CBC data using counts, logit, latent class, and hierarchical Bayes

  • How to build and use what-if market simulators

Additional details

Registration fees

The three-day virtual Lighthouse Choice Modeling Workshop cost USD $600 per participant. All workshop fees must be received by Sawtooth Software prior to the start of the workshop.

Cancelation policy

Cancel up to 30 days in advance for a full refund. Thereafter, refund is 75% of registration fee. Registrations may be transferred to another person or another session for a small fee plus the difference in price, if applicable.

PC laptop required

Because this is a hands-on software training event, you will need a laptop PC (configured with Windows) to use during the workshop. We will email you the Sawtooth Software Licenses you need a few days before the start of the workshop, but you are responsible for providing your own computer. It is also helpful if your computer also has Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, and Excel.


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