Sawtooth Software Conference

San Antonio 2021

The 2021 Sawtooth Software Conference was held April 19-23, 2021, in San Antonio, TX on the famed River Walk. Don’t miss this valuable marketing sciences event!

– May 2-3: Choice Modeling Workshop
– May 3: Tutorial Sessions
– May 4-6: Conference Paper and Corporate Researcher Sessions

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The conference has been recorded and you can now access every presentation on your own timeline, including access to supporting slides, data files, and any provided programming code.

2021 Conference: All Access

Includes both the methodological and corporate researchers papers
$900 / person
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Choice Modeling Workshop

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Turbo Choice Modeling Seminar

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Conference Paper Sessions

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“This was definitely the most useful and friendliest conference I've ever been to!”
Tracey DiLascio-Martinuk
Customer Research Specialist, Bose

Choice Modeling Workshop

The Sawtooth Software Choice Modeling Workshop is an intensive three-day introductory workshop and training covering three current and popular choice research methodologies: CBC (Choice-Based Conjoint), MaxDiff (Maximum Difference Scaling), and ACBC (Adaptive CBC). Participants will create choice surveys and analyze sample data using a team-oriented case study approach.

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