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It’s a DCM, Right??? Supporting Growth at Microsoft Through Conjoint Analysis and Other Means

In this session, we’ll discuss how research – primarily through conjoint – informs how Microsoft creates business models that align to customer value and support growth for the company. Research supports decisions over the unit of monetization, how we ‘package’, and how we price. We’ll discuss some of the ongoing challenges in understanding customer tradeoffs for new offerings that require consideration of pricing, packaging, and new business models simultaneously, and will review a couple of case studies involving business problems which required innovative research approaches.

Barry Jennings & Dan Penney, Microsoft | Ollie Zimmermann, Known | Thomas Eagle, Eagle Analytics of California
MaxDiff: A Client-Based Focus

Much of the innovation in MaxDiff has focused on design and analysis which is critical, but less innovation on teaching the MaxDiff methodology. Working with different R&D clients covering 50+ MaxDiff studies from different suppliers, I have found clients often fall into traps as they don’t understand the power of individual level utilities (eg. just looking at overall means). How can we devote innovation to client needs (such as education as well as presentation ready output)?

Jeremy Christman, P&G
What is Quant UX Research? An overview, discussion, and AMA

Tech and tech-adjacent companies increasingly staff "quantitative user experience research" -- a confusing role that overlaps design research, data science, marketing, and survey research. What is it? Do you need it? Can you do it? What is unique? As one of the first Quant UXers at Google, Chris will describe the role, who is a good (and bad) fit ... and give you time to "ask me anything." Bring questions and learn about a unique role at the intersection of human behavior and analytics.

Chris Chapman, Google
Innovation via Pragmatic & Accessible Insights for PayPal

PayPal and SKIM recently developed a pragmatic approach to isolate behavioral drivers of consumer shopping journey at the digital checkout stage among online merchants. We innovated on survey design experience by simulating checkout experience and combining conjoint and non-conjoint analytics. Further, we translated answers into actionable business recommendations that were accessible to non-technical audience as well. This innovation elevated Checkout workstream as a strategic priority at PayPal and adoption of these recommendations to the product, marketing and sales roadmap.

Rama Mallika, Sr., Paypal | Michael Smith, SKIM
That’s What I Want! Using MBC to Identify Product Features Critical to Customer Satisfaction and Delight

Understanding which product features drive customer value is a key component of the development cycle. This talk shows how we used menu-based conjoint (MBC) to identify a core trio of “must-have” wireless earbud features critical to customer satisfaction, as well as understand which additional “nice-to-have” features would most excite potential customers and add the most value to our next-generation products.

Tracey Di Lascio-Martinuk, Bose Corporation
Using Choice-Based Techniques to Find Your Target Customer

Troomi Wireless is a mobile communication company offering safe mobile phones for children. Their mission is to help kids discover their talents and safeguard them along the way. Troomi Wireless used choice-based conjoint to better understand their target audience. By analyzing the choice patterns, Troomi was able to fine tune its targeting and uncover unexpected insights. The choice patterns (i.e.: utility scores) were used to create respondent-level "affinity" scores. Results from the CBC contributed to a complete change in strategic direction. 

Bill Brady, Troomi Wireless | Miklos Kremser, Sawtooth Software
Using MaxDiff to Identify Top Messaging in Raising CMV Awareness

Moderna is developing an mRNA vaccine for cytomegalovirus (CMV), the #1 infectious cause of birth defects and a leading cause of pediatric hearing loss. Despite CMV's prevalence, the vast majority of women in the United States have never heard of CMV. Seven different "reasons to care" statements were tested to explore which would resonate the most. We compare Likert scale to MaxDiff responses, finding much clearer ranking of messages from MaxDiff which provide more actionable guidance.

Matt Scutcher, Moderna | Paul Johnson, Harris Poll
Building a new product offering - Google Workspace Individual

In June 2021, Google announced a new product offering - Google Workspace Individual. This talk walks through the research involved in taking Workspace Individual from concept to launch. The team leveraged Max Diff, Kano, and k-means clustering to keep the team in lock-step and inform feature development, segmentation, and monetization strategies.

Liz Dressler, Google
Best Practices for Obtaining Realistic Willingness to Pay (WTP) Estimates in Conjoint Analysis

A common strategic use for conjoint analysis is for estimating how much consumers are willing to pay (WTP) for new/improved features or a premium brand. There are numerous pitfalls involved to avoid getting unrealistic WTP estimates. Bryan discusses best practices for questionnaire design, data cleaning, and estimating WTP in the context of competitive offerings.

Bryan Orme, Sawtooth Software
Consumer Research for a New Luxury Cruise Brand

Andrea Mincione from MSC Cruises, and Andrea together with Emilio from Maiora Solutions present a consumer research conducted for Explora Journeys, the new ultra-luxury brand of MSC Cruises. The goal was to identify the best product settings and pricing strategy, to successfully enter the market and provide a consistent value proposition. CBC was key for the definition of the ultra-luxury cruise product, fare types and price levels, allowing Explora to prepare commercial initiatives and complete pricing plans ahead of September 2021 sales opening.

Andrea Mincione, Explora Journeys | Emilio Zunino, Maiora Solutions
Van Westendorp’s PSM and Some Improvements

Keith Chrzan and Bryan Orme, Sawtooth Software
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