Sawtooth Software Conference

Choice Modeling Workshop

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What Is the Workshop?

The Sawtooth Software Choice Modeling Workshop is a two-day introductory workshop and training focusing on the two most popular choice research methodologies: CBC (Choice-Based Conjoint) and MaxDiff (Maximum Difference Scaling). Participants will create choice surveys and analyze sample data and case studies using Lighthouse Studio.

If you don’t have a current subscription for Lighthouse Studio, we’ll provide you a trial version for use in the workshop!

What You'll Learn

  • Why conjoint analysis has flourished and been so widely used in business/insights applications and economic investigations

  • The different types of conjoint/choice analysis and learning when you should use each

  • How to build choice models that deliver meaningful data

  • How to design, field, and interpret choice-based conjoint (CBC) exercises

  • How to analyze CBC and MaxDiff data using counts, logit, latent class, and hierarchical Bayes

  • How to build and use what-if market simulators

  • How to use advanced features for CBC such as conditional pricing, conditional display, and alternative-specific designs

  • How to design exercises using the variety of MaxDiff (best/worst) refinements

  • A brief overview of the advantages of adaptive choice-based conjoint (ACBC) exercises