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Sawtooth Software Conference 2019
“This was definitely the most useful and friendliest conference I've ever been to!”
Tracey DiLascio-Martinuk
Customer Research Specialist, Bose


In presentation order

Methodological Track

Is There an Antidote to the Cheater Epidemic?

Deb Ploskonka, Cambia | Kenneth Fairchild, Sawtooth Software

Could You Direct Me to the "Good" Data?

Joe Jones, KS&R

Kano Analysis: A Critical Survey Science Review

Chris Chapman & Mario Callegaro, Google
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Corporate Researchers Track

It's a DCM, right??? Supporting Growth at Microsoft Through Conjoint Analysis and Other Means

Barry Jennings & Dan Penney, Microsoft | Ollie Zimmermann, Known | Thomas Eagle, Eagle Analytics of California

MaxDiff: A Client-Based Focus

Jeremy Christman, P&G

What is Quant UX Research? An overview, discussion, and AMA

Chris Chapman, Google
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Why, When, and How to Use Conjoint Analysis in Your Research - Practical Guidance for Beginners and Experts Alike

Megan Peitz, Numerious

Understanding & Predicting Categorical Outcomes in Marketing Data

Joe Retzer, Act Market Research Solutions (University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee)

Segmentation & Drivers Analysis

Keith Chrzan, Sawtooth Software
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